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The dynamic North America energy market has created unique opportunities for oil and gas companies with the agility and urgency to move quickly and decisively on emerging resource plays. As the next-generation consulting firm for next-generation oil and gas, Stonebridge Consulting offers a balanced blend of business advisory and technology services specifically designed to enable upstream, midstream, downstream, and field services companies to increase their business velocity, improve operational performance, and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Merger & Acquisition Services
Peloton Services
Advisory Services
Technology Services

Merger & Acquisition Services

Turn vision into high-performance business innovation

M&A is a transformation strategy for many companies in the oil and gas industry, including majors, leading independents, services companies, startups, and private equity firms. Maximizing long-term value of acquired assets is time-sensitive, and the time-to-value clock starts ticking well before the transaction closes. Integrating people, processes, and technology requires a methodical, disciplined approach that balances detailed pre-closing planning with focused execution.

Stonebridge Consulting’s Merger & Acquisition Services provide comprehensive support for your M&A strategy, including:

  • Ability to manage the entire lifecycle of an acquisition, from strategy to complete IT outsourcing
  • Powerful data management, quality and integration tools for consistent reporting and advanced analytics
  • Proven methodology for achieving significant reductions in total cost of ownership for software and vendor services
  • Partner network to cover every aspect of an acquisition (HR, fleet, security, network, and more)

Stonebridge Consulting’s Merger & Acquisition Services address a broad range of business strategies and operational issues, to include:

  • M&A Integration 
  • Startup Enablement 
  • Private Equity Portfolio Optimization

To learn how our Merger & Acquisition Services can help you accelerate your business transformation, click here to start a dialog.


M&A Integration

Accelerate the Value of Your Acquisition

Stonebridge Consulting offers comprehensive M&A advisory and technology-enablement services for ensuring the successful planning and execution of your acquisition strategy. Our M&A best practices provide the specialized knowledge, methodology, and processes for turning M&A into a core competency you can leverage in future acquisitions.

Our M&A Integration offering addresses the three key requirements to ensure a successful transition across your people, processes, and systems:

  • Strategic Planning– We facilitate the overall transition planning including requirements gathering, process mapping, data integration, and organizational structure. Our planning approach provides a clear understanding of the opportunities, risks, and rewards of the acquisition.
  • Human Resources– We design and manage the people component of the transition to assist your new employees, including conducting interviews, designing and rolling out benefits plans, and providing individualized change management support throughout the process.
  • Systems and Data– We consolidate platforms for managing and synchronizing information. Utilizing our EnerHub™ Data Quality Module and Acquisition Loaders, we stage, cleanse, map, and load data for your acquired assets, enabling you to quickly integrate asset data into your systems and reporting mechanisms.

Accelerate the value of your acquisition. Click here to schedule a M&A Integration whiteboard session.

Startup Enablement

Jumpstart Your Essential Infrastructure, Processes, and Systems

Stonebridge Consulting has developed defined advisory and technology services specifically for newly funded companies. These services put your growth strategy on the fast track by standing up essential infrastructure, processes, and systems quickly—so that your company is fully operational and financially efficient in an accelerated timeframe.

We provide you with a startup toolkit for standing up the essential functions, processes, and technology for your new enterprise.

  • Human Resources – We provide deep HR expertise so that you develop and quickly roll out comprehensive benefits and employee packages.
  • Network Communications – We stand up your communications network in the office and the field, with minimal effort on your part.
  • Role and Process Mapping – We utilize role-based process mapping templates to define standard business processes and procedures for better people enablement, growth and efficiencies.
  • System Selection and Implementation – We use a structured software selection methodology to evaluate, select and right-size commercial O&G applications and tools for your operation.
  • Data Integration Toolkit – Stonebridge’s proprietary tools enable you to stage, cleanse, remediate, and integrate acquisition data faster for business reporting and analysis purposes.

Jumpstart your startup’s core infrastructure, processes, and systems. Click here to schedule a Startup Enablement whiteboard session.

Private Equity Portfolio Optimization

Generate Investment Value from Day One

Stonebridge’s M&A Services include targeted solutions for the investment side of the transaction. Our proprietary tool set, lean methodology, and extensive experience in oil and gas systems create opportunities to lower costs of portfolio investments for private equity firms. A partnership with Stonebridge can lead to investors saving more than 20 percent on integration costs, as well as a faster time to value.

In short, we build accretive value.

Additionally, our services enable you to monitor, build, and retain the value of your investments by providing the tools to connect and integrate data across multiple target companies, providing a fully integrated system for accurate and effortless financial, performance and valuation reporting.

Generate investment value from day one. Click here to schedule a Private Equity Portfolio Optimization whiteboard session.



Gain a strategic advantage with flexible SmartSource support

Via our SmartSource℠ service line, Stonebridge offers flexible managed services solutions that enable you to retain control over your business and IT strategies while achieving significant savings, more predictable bottom-line costs, and sustainable operational efficiencies.

Depending on your business needs, our managed services programs cover a wide range of support—from traditional staff augmentation to on-demand managed services agreements based on client-defined service levels tailored to business needs.

SmartSource is designed to offer clients a strategic managed services program tailored to fit their business needs with a balanced mix of expert resources, tools and processes. SmartSource engagements are defined along the following criteria:

  • Day-to-day management of defined functions. SmartSource enables clients to outsource day-to-day management responsibilities and functions as a business strategy for improving operations and cost containment.
  • Outcome-based engagement model. SmartSource deliverables are built on an outcome-based engagement model defined by clients to meet their long-term business objectives.
  • Blended team partnership. In a SmartSource agreement, Stonebridge becomes part of the client’s IT team by providing hands-on technical support, sharing industry best practices, and transferring insights and practical knowledge to client personnel.

SmartSource offers scalable, outcome-based resource management services delineated by:

  • Technical environment – including business intelligence, database/system administration, enterprise content management
  • Commercial software platform – including SharePoint, Spotfire, Cognos, Informatica, Oracle, SAP
  • Oil and gas application – including Peloton, EMK3, Esri, P2

Through our SmartSource managed services, we deliver improvements in cost and quality while working as a part of your team in a real business partnership based on excellent service, mutual trust, and shared objectives.

Click here to learn more about how SmartSource can work for your organization. Download the SmartSource data sheet.



The next-gen platform for oil and gas data management

1-ferris-wheelEnerHub™ ensures that the data you use to make business decisions is trustworthy, up-to-date, accurate, and synched across operational systems. EnerHub modules plug into your systems environment to ensure that you and your team have 100% trust and confidence in the data that drives your business. A cloud-based data management platform designed specifically for oil and gas, EnerHub is the culmination of Stonebridge’s 20+ years of experience in oil and gas business process optimization and data management best practices.

Business Benefits

  • Capture data once and automate distribution across source systems and departments
  • Reduce M&A cost and timeline by 25%
  • Benchmark operational and financial performance against competitors
  • Apply a structured approach to core system setup and process standardization
  • Reduce time reconciling and compiling through a centralized hub
  • Audit data management activities across the enterprise
  • Enable informed, proactive decision making throughout the well lifecycle

EnerHub Modules

enerhub-modules-graphicEnerHub Modules are designed to provide maximum flexibility during implementation, allowing you to target the root causes of your data management challenges and connect people to the information they need to do their work.

  • Data Management – Tools to integrate data from Reserves, Drilling and Completions, Operations, Finance, and third-party sources
    • Data Quality Module
    • Integration Module
    • Master Data Module
  • Analytics – Centralized view of reliable data and visual business intelligence tools based on PPDM’s industry standard data model
    • Analytics Cubes
    • Analytics Packs
    • Upstream Dimensional Data Module
  • Portal – Standard interface for business users to search, access, and export well data and related documents
    • Energy Portal Module
    • Electronic Well File Module
  • Connectors – Pre-configured connectors enabling data access based on best practice techniques for each system

To schedule a demonstration of EnerHub, click here.

EnerHub Data Management Modules provide tools, accelerators, and services to validate, integrate, match, and synchronize data that is critical to oil and gas organizations. The modules can be implemented in an incremental fashion allowing companies to make rapid, tangible progress in their well data management initiatives.

3-dm-dqm-23-dm-dqm-1Data Quality Module (DQM) – To ensure that key business decisions are made based on the most accurate possible information.

Key Features

  • Profile data
  • Validate data at the source
  • Execute pre-built rules and data quality checks
  • Remediate data quality issues
  • Add or extend rules and data quality checks
  • Track quality of data over time

See also EnerHub DQM Use Case: Monitoring and Fixing Data Issues on a Daily Basis.

Integration Module – Tools to integrate data from Reserves, Drilling and Completions, Operations, Finance, third-party sources and more.4-dm-dim

Key Features

  • Cloud and hybrid environment support
  • Master data integration
  • Transactional data processing
  • Support for event processing
  • Push and pull subscription models

Master Data Management (MDM) Module – To match, blend and synchronize well information from Reserves, Drilling and Completions, Operations, Finance and third-party sources.

Key Features

  • Matches well data 5-dm-mdmacross systems
  • Blends well data to create a “golden” well record
  • Near real time synchronization with write backs
  • Notifications based on data changes
  • Invokes workflows based on events
  • Audit history for matching
  • Industry standard data model (PPDM)

Stonebridge developed the EnerHub Data Quality, Integration, and Master Data modules utilizing software from Naveego, an emerging leader of cloud-based data quality and master data management (MDM) solutions.

To schedule an EnerHub demo, click here.

EnerHub Analytics Modules provide a centralized view of reliable data along with visual tools to connect people to data to make informed decisions and drive efficiency in key business processes.

Analytics Cubes – Highly optimized data structures that are designed to support self-serve, interactive viewing of key metrics such as 6-analytics-cubesLOE, volumes, capital spend over time, well, zone, play and more.

Available Cubes

  • Financial & LOS
  • Production
  • AFE
  • Drilling

Analytic Packs – Pre-configured analytic applications tailored to meet the distinct needs of oil and gas professionals.

7-analytics-packsAvailable Packs

  • Financial Analytics
  • Production Analytics
  • Shale Play Optimization
  • Downtime Analytics
  • and more

Upstream Dimensional Data Module – Template data structures optimized for analysis and reporting.

Key Features

  • Predefined dimension and fact tables8-upstream-dimensional-data-module
  • Extendible to meet unique client needs
  • Reduces implementation time
  • Data source for analytic cubes and selected analytic packs

To schedule an EnerHub demo, click here.

The EnerHub Portal Modules provide a starting point and centralized view for oil and gas business users to connect to their data.

9-portalEnergy Portal – Explore wells on a map, access key well documents, and view financial and operational analytics.

Key Features

  • Enterprise Well Search
  • Approval Workflows
  • Seamless access to analytics

10-ewfElectronic Well File – A repository for well documents built on ECM best practices, with documents for all wells organized in a consistent manner, simplifying the tasks of uploading new documents and finding existing ones.

Key Features

  • Starting point taxonomy that can be extended to meet client needs
  • Metadata tagging
  • Enterprise search for documents
  • Integration with ECM back end systems via services layer and APIs
  • Auto provisioning of ECM back end repository structures as needed

To schedule an EnerHub demo, click here.

EnerHub Connectors allow data to be moved in and out of the applications that are commonly found in the oil and gas industry. Application data is accessed via APIs (when they exist) or using other best practice access methods that are associated with each operational system.

Key Features

  • Reduce implementation costs by up to 60%
  • Hides underlying application system complexity
  • Data access based on best practice techniques for each system

Peloton Services

Implementation and Optimization Services for Peloton’s Integrated Well Lifecycle Solution

Stonebridge’s Peloton® Services encompass a wide range of professional services – from implementation accelerators to day-to-day administrative support for WellView®, RigView®, SiteView®, and ProdView® environments. Each of our service offerings is designed to help our clients get the most out of their well and drilling data management software.*PelotonReady-spoke-watermark-02 w space

As trusted oil and gas business and technical advisers, we understand how Peloton software is optimally used at upstream companies, and we use that knowledge to exploit the software’s benefits for our clients. Our hands-on experience coupled with our “Peloton Ready” accelerators enables us to help you throughout the pre- and post-implementation phases by applying best practices in software configuration, optimization and data management. What’s more, we work closely with Peloton to align our services with their software philosophy.

“Stonebridge and Peloton have built a collaborative relationship based on a simple idea: helping Peloton users get the most out of their Peloton solutions.” Monty Meloche, President, Peloton

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* The Peloton, WellView, RigView, SiteView, ProdView, and MasterView brand names are trademarks registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office.



Advisory Services

Turn strategy into high-performance business innovation

We work with our clients to develop, strengthen, and rev up their business performance. Our laser focus on the oil and gas industry enables us to provide business-driven advisory services that drive operational performance improvement. We work side-by-side with our clients to help execute enterprise transformation initiatives and turn high-level strategy into operational reality.

Stonebridge consultants have extensive industry knowledge that covers the entire oil and gas value chain. We have lived the business and speak the language. We understand the challenges and opportunities on a direct, firsthand basis. We augment our industry knowledge with a proven engagement methodology to provide a template for business growth and innovation that can be tailored to each client’s unique business goals and objectives.

Our advisory services address core business and operational strategies of today’s next-gen oil and gas industry, including:

  • Startup Strategy
  • Information Management Assessment & Roadmap
  • Process & Data Management
  • Software Selection & Roadmap
  • Acquisition Integration

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Shale Play Experience

  • Eagle Ford
  • Utica
  • Mississippian Lime
  • Barnett
  • Haynesville-Bossier
  • Permian
  • Woodford
  • Fayetteville
  • Anadarko

E&P Functional Knowledge

  • Resource Play Development
  • Well Planning
  • Land
  • Accounting
  • AFE Management
  • G&G
  • Reserves Management
  • Marketing
  • Trading & Risk Management
  • Drilling & Completions
  • Production
  • Compliance
  • Regulatory

Technology Services

Propel business success through information management and process optimization

Stonebridge provides a range of business-critical technology services to help oil and gas companies build solutions to improve data management at the enterprise level, deliver the right information at the right time, and optimize business processes. Our technology consultants are experts in building solution architectures for managing structured and unstructured data and applying automation to streamline processes and foster a collaborative environment. The result is improved operational efficiency and reduced costs.

Oil and gas companies look to us to deliver a wide range of industry-specific solutions and applications: to automate AFE workflows, build partner portals and intranets, create location-based business intelligence solutions, implement electronic well file management solutions, and more. Our core technical competencies include:

BI methodology

Successful oil and gas enterprises are information-driven, maximizing information assets to make fact-based decisions, and make them quickly, throughout the well lifecycle. Stonebridge’s business intelligence (BI) solutions enable management, operational, and administrative personnel to leverage the organization’s information assets to help realize the goal of producing hydrocarbons safely, efficiently, and profitably.

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ECM methodology

Oil and gas companies generate huge volumes of documentation in a typical exploration and production project. From documents related to land records and HSE compliance to the creation, review, and management of contracts related to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and new ventures, oil and gas companies are more effective when the right people can locate the right documents at the right time.

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With databases, sometimes you need a little help. A temporary replacement for an out-of-pocket team member. An extra set of hands to assist in a big project. A dedicated team to provide long-term support. Whether your needs are tactical or strategic, project or resource driven, Stonebridge offers flexible solutions that enable you to supplement your team with expert Oracle and SQL Server resources whenever and however you need them.

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Stonebridge is proud to be a Microsoft Managed Gold Partner. We hold Microsoft Gold Competencies in Application Development, Collaboration and Content, and Data Platform. The Microsoft Gold Competency signifies that a company has demonstrated the highest level of skill and achievement within a given technology specialization. This achievement puts Stonebridge in the top 1 percent of Microsoft partners worldwide who have reached this proficiency level in Microsoft solution development. We also hold the Microsoft Silver Competency in Data Analytics and are privileged to be the only Microsoft Managed Gold Partner based in Oklahoma.

As oil and gas professionals and technologists, we have firsthand experience working with operational systems and industry applications. This direct “front line” knowledge enables us to offer best practice-based counsel for selecting, implementing, integrating, and extending your industry software packages. What’s more, as users of these systems ourselves, we help your business users advance their user skills and get more value out of your existing industry applications. Following are some of the industry applications we are familiar with.


  • Artesia/Horizon
  • Bolo
  • Enertia

Enterprise Upstream

Land/Lease Administration

  • Tobin (TLS, TEL)
  • iLandMan
  • Quorum (QLS)


  • ProCount
  • Production Access
  • ProdView
  • Avocet Volumes Management


  • PHDWin


Trading & Risk Management

  • Allegro
  • CXL
  • EMK3
  • OpenLink
  • SolArc


  • CygNet (SCADA)
  • Petra (G&G)

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