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Who We Are

Stonebridge Consulting is a next-generation consulting services firm for next-generation oil and gas companies. The U.S. energy landscape is ever-changing, but new opportunities are on the horizon. In this environment, oil and gas companies are looking to achieve the optimal operational balance: retaining the ability to move quickly on emerging opportunities while maintaining leaner and more efficient operations. Our industry knowledge and technical expertise enable upstream, midstream, downstream, and field services companies to get lean and stay lean in today’s dynamic energy market.

Our Difference

  • We focus exclusively on the oil and gas industry.
  • We are oil and gas professionals. We speak the language. We live the business.
  • Our unique blend of oil and gas knowledge and technical expertise delivers business solutions that power operational improvement.
  • Our balanced engagement approach generates measurable business benefits quickly while laying the foundation for sustainable operational improvement at the enterprise level.
Business Alignment
Process Optimization
Technology Enablement
Industry Expertise
Microsoft Experts

Business Alignment

A strategic roadmap for getting from here to there

Business alignment is the linchpin of Stonebridge’s oil and gas advisory services. We help clients identify what’s critical to organizational success. Our oil and gas experts provide invaluable insights and assistance by aligning strategy and objectives with the organization’s core assets: its people, processes, and technology.

Stonebridge has the oil and gas business knowledge and technical prowess to ensure the business is aligned—from the back office to the front office and in the field. We help to zero in on business priorities and create strategic roadmaps to help oil and gas companies get from here to there and beyond. What’s more, we look at the entire enterprise – functional roles, business processes, workflow, intra-departmental dependencies, reporting and analysis capabilities, critical decision points and timelines – and provide actionable recommendations for improving your strategic alignment in order to achieve market differentiation and create value through the hydrocarbon value chain.

We focus on key areas of the oil and gas business alignment:

  • Corporate Development and Growth Strategy
  • Acquisition Integration
  • Business Value Roadmap
  • Program Management

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Process Optimization

Do more, do better, with less

Within the well and pipeline lifecycle are dozens of processes and sub-processes tied to defined business activities and events. From exploration/development and drilling to production and marketing, each phase kicks off a sequence of interrelated processes. These processes integrate operational functions across the enterprise value chain, spanning engineering, production, field services, accounting, marketing, and EHS.

Stonebridge aligns, improves, and optimizes business processes to enable your organization to accelerate time to value and “out quick” the competition. As oil and gas professionals, we understand the interrelationships linking functional roles and processes. We apply our business knowledge to help you create a process framework based on industry best practices and help identify and prioritize process improvements, automate workflows, eliminate duplicate and manual activities, integrate business rules and applications, and build structured processes that enable you to do more with fewer resources.

We take a hands-on approach to help your organization align, integrate, and optimize processes for key business and operational areas, including:

  • Resource Play Development
  • Well and Pipeline Lifecycle
  • Oilfield Management
  • Operational Systems
  • Trading & Risk Management

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Technology Enablement

Effective IT solutions drive business agility and innovation

When coherently aligned with business strategy, information technology (IT) is a transformational agent, helping oil and gas companies optimize processes, stand up systems more quickly, and optimize and enhance industry applications, and accelerate the integration of acquired resource assets.

Stonebridge’s approach to technology enablement focuses on two core areas: first, helping clients create innovative IT strategies that support the business, and second, providing the technical know-how, architectural design, and implementation services required to bring IT strategy to life. We enable our clients to create a sustainable IT program that grows the business, adapts to the ever-changing competitive and technological landscape, achieves cost efficiencies, manages risk and compliance, and maximizes the ROI of your legacy environment.

Stonebridge leverages best practices in enterprise architecture, information management, and custom development to deliver pragmatic solutions to the business and technology challenges facing oil and gas companies. Our IT expertise covers a comprehensive range of business-critical technical domains, including:

  • Enterprise Integration
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Workflow Automation
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development

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Achieve significant savings, predictable bottom-line costs, and operational effectiveness

The decision to outsource is typically strategic. Outsourcing is a way to farm out non-core functions and capabilities in order to gain in-depth business and technical expertise at predictable costs and focus on your core mission. By the same token, outsourcing also is a key management tool for those time when you just need a little help—say, a temporary replacement for an out-of-pocket team member, or an extra set of hands to join your team in a bigger project.

Depending on your business needs, Stonebridge offers flexible outsourcing solutions that enable you to retain control over your business and IT strategies while achieving significant savings, more predictable bottom-line costs, and sustainable operational efficiencies. Our outsourcing services cover a wide range—from traditional staff augmentation to on-demand managed services relationships based on defined service levels tailored to business needs.

We build lasting outsourcing relationships based on trust and shared objectives. Our outsourcing services cover a comprehensive range of business-critical business and technical domains, including:

  • Interim IT Management and Staff
  • Application Development
  • Database Administration
  • SharePoint Administration
  • Infrastructure Solutions

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Industry Expertise

We know oil and gas

Shale Play Experience

  • Eagle Ford
  • Utica
  • Mississippian Lime
  • Barnett
  • Haynesville-Bossier
  • Permian
  • Woodford
  • Fayetteville
  • Anadarko

E&P Functional Knowledge

  • Resource Play Development
  • Well Planning
  • Land
  • Accounting
  • AFE Management
  • G&G
  • Reserves Management
  • Marketing
  • Trading & Risk Management
  • Drilling & Completions
  • Production
  • Compliance
  • Regulatory

Microsoft Experts

Microsoft Partnership

Stonebridge is proud to be a Microsoft Managed Gold Partner. We hold Microsoft Gold Competencies in Application Development, Collaboration and Content, and Data Platform, and the Microsoft Silver Competency in Data Analytics. The Microsoft Gold Competency signifies that a company has demonstrated the highest level of skill and achievement within a given technology specialization. This achievement puts Stonebridge in the top 1 percent of Microsoft partners worldwide who have reached this proficiency level in Microsoft solution development. We also are the only Microsoft Managed Gold Partner based in Oklahoma.



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